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Face to Face Appointment Setting

TG MARKETING'S Signature Service

TG Marketing’s signature service is face to face appointment setting.  A pre-set face to face sales appointment is a sales person’s dream come true. Our business development reps will set your sales team exclusive one on one sales meetings with chief Decision Makers who are interested in meeting to discuss your product or service. Nothing beats walking into a business meeting with a decision maker knowing they already have interest in doing business with you. This WILL lead to new business as our strategies have been proven to work for our happy clients! (CLICK HERE to visit our testimonial page!)

Every campaign is different, and custom built for each client. We work hand-in-hand with our Clients to insure their campaign is being constructed just as they want. The volume of appointments set is irrelevant if the quality of the appointment is not up to the Client’s satisfaction, hence our in-depth campaign construction phase.

Each appointment has criteria set forth by the Client. For example, if John Jones of ABC Insurance only wants to meet with businesses that have 50 or more employees, there is no reason we would send John an unqualified prospect that is currently only employing 15 people. Essentially, you will tell us what a qualified appointment is, and our Business Development Reps will only set qualified appointments. Those appointments are then passed to our Quality Control department for review as the final safeguard between a bad experience and an efficient, successful meeting..

Our all inclusive service includes

Our lead generation and appointment setting campaignsare structured to set the highest quality preset face to face sales appointments for your sales team, but we don’t stop there. Our affordable packages also include all of the following at no additional charge as our programs are ALL INCLUSIVE:

  • Setup Sales Pipeline
  • We will build a sales pipeline for future prospecting through data cleansing and verification. This will create a high quality list of verified decision makers to prospect to in the future!

  • Telephone Appointments
  • In some instances Decision Makers will be on the fence about meeting face to face due to time restraints, so if you want we can set phone appointments in these instances.

  • Online Appointments
  • We can set appointments for the technological era via Skype or webinar meetings as they are becoming more commonplace. This is a great way to leverage your time if this type of meeting makes sense in promoting your product or service.

  • Email Marketing
  • If you have marketing materials you would like to send prior to a meeting or to a prospect that might not be ready to meet but may request information, we email that material for you.


In-depth Communication

Direct relationships with your team. Never be neglected or feel like just another Number

100% Transparency

Relationships built on transparency and accountability.

Flexible Programs

Projects completely customized per each individual Client. Flexible programs to meet Client's Budgets!

Weekly Billing

Our weekly billing model helps with budget management and helps build our relationships on trust and accountability. We work week-to-week to earn your business.

USA Based Call Centers

100% US-based, brick and mortar call centers in California and Idaho. We NEVER outsource our work!

BBB Accredited

TG Marketing is A+ rated with the BBB as we continue to delight and satisfy our clients!


Lead Generation

Database Updating and Verification

Face to Face Appointment Setting

Direct Marketing Follow Up

Market Research

Event Registration & Follow Up



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